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Choose any kayak design you prefer.
The links to the various designers are posted on the contact page
With continuous e-mail updates including digital photos, I will keep you informed about the progress of your boat's construction. Share in the exitement of watching your kayak grow, from the first strip to the final clear coat. Working out the graphics and inlays together, gives the boat your personal signature.

About perfection:

We provide the skills and attitudes to constantly persue this goal of the serious craftsman.
The main factors affecting proximity to perfection, are of course time restraints. I have created the following 3 grades of finish, differing in the amount of time spent building a kayak:


This is the base model, beautifully crafted to a fine furniture level, and ready for action. This kayak is the pride of any serious paddler. They are light weight (less then lb50 /18'6" length), fast, and very well built. You can choose cockpit style, accent stripes and wood selection: uniformly matched or multicolored.
Optional accessories include customer selected inlayed pattern, deckrigging, rudder, installed compass, etc. Each kayak takes at least 350 hrs before any embellishments

US$ 9500 + extras

(such as inlays or other deck graphics) @ $30/hr.

"Dawn Treader"

The luxury version of the Sojourner, with over 70 additional hours dedicated to every detail. This kayak's body has a mirror like surface, workmanship as it is found on a musical instrument. The extra time goes into crafting every joint and fitting to appear seamless. The finishing of the hull and deck involves sanding to very fine finish, multiple layers of resin and finish coats, resulting in a "deep", ultra fair surface, providing both function and outstanding beauty.

US$ 11.500 + extras


An art exhibit and collector's item, built of the finest choice tight grain cedar, redwood or mahogany. You might choose any exotic wood, if weight is not an issue to you. Sanding to a very fine grit produces a three dimensional appearance in the wood grain. Exotic hardwood accents are added, each component is detailed to the extreme, even in the low profile places. Extra resin creates glass like surfaces inside and out. Finally, the piece is given an multi layer clear coat finish, polished in between coats to a satin feel. Display stands are available as well.

US$ 13,5000 + extras


A $2000 deposit to secure an order, followed by draws at 40%, 70% and then 100% completion.


Safe and expedient shipping is available to anywhere in the continental USA or Canada.


I have been given permission to give the contacts of my previous clients as references on request.

Our wooden kayaks are truly in a class of their own. Built to last for generations, you will paddle a very safe kayak, which cannot sink, even when filled with water. It is very light, and therefore faster in the water. Not to mention the obvious; the beauty and the craftsmanship.
Clients have noticed the warmth and silence of the cedar boat, which is an asset in freezing water and while sneaking up on wild life.

Using the colors of the cedar creatively on the hull and deck, makes each kayak unique.
Kayaks can be further customized according to your requirements; such as inlays, optional rudder, skeg, built-in compass, deck- or even sail rigging (with trimaran outriggers). Additional work such as this will be extra at a rate of US $30/hr.

I am pleased to assure you that no old growth trees had to be logged for my kayaks. They are built of "dead or down" cedar which was salvaged in the local forest. These trees have been snags or lying on the forest floor since the late 1800's, when the first loggers in the area prefered other species. Yet the cedar, famous for its resistence to decay, is still sound after all these years.
Our cedar strip kayaks basically started growing before the first pioneers arrived at the west coast.